Monday, 16 October 2017

Thursday, 12 October 2017

City ideas

Regular city



The city is comprised of 60 different buildings, each dedicated to a separate god. They each  have their own apartments, restaurants, theaters and markets. The architecture for the interior is mostly renaissance Italian, with the outside resembling a middle eastern bazaar. The top level and dome house a shrine to their respective god.
Like any religion with multiple deities some gods hold more influence than others and that directly affects the size and prosperity of their buildings. Most are fairly small, having less than 100 inhabitants and others are larger, boasting multiple streets and venues. Above these are the big 5. These are comparatively huge, housing over 1000 people and having their own entertainment, retail and commercial quarters. They line the ridge the city is sat on, overlooking the smaller structures and the ocean beyond them.
The most important and celebrated feature of each building is it's crystal window. These always face west and when the sun is setting its rays fracture against the crystal and spill out over the main street. It's said it's at this time the gods are closer then ever 

These are some hand-drawn ideas for the revised city that I scanned in earlier. I'm feeling better about the bazaar idea, and am drawing composition tests for it currently.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Invisible cities moodboard

(I forgot to include this with the presentation)

Life drawing (04/10/17)

The first one took a while to get going and I do think I could have done it better. I am quite happy with the last one though, I think it did a good job with the lighting and also at grounding the figure.